A [Very] Happy New Year!

Aaaaand just like that, 2017 is gone. 

peace out.gif

This past year will go down forever as one of my favorites, and I think the reason is pretty self-explanatory. Regardless, I will use a series of gifs and photos to explain most accurately what 2017 meant to me; the things I'm grateful for, the experiences had, and the ways things will never be the same. 

First of all, this is obvious:

June 4, 2017 - Morgan and I joined forces, for good and forever. #OneMoMorrison

June 4, 2017 - Morgan and I joined forces, for good and forever. #OneMoMorrison

2017 marks the start of an era where I always have someone to lean on; my very own Scottie Pippen.

MJ Pippen hug.gif

Family has been a huge blessing that I'm grateful for. Check it:

I'm thankful for my mother's love.

I'm thankful for my mother's love.

I'm thankful for my father's love (and his excessively generous genetic contribution).

I'm thankful for my father's love (and his excessively generous genetic contribution).

Like I said, family is dope. 

I'm still not done with this whole family growth thing either. I don't know that there will be another year that I have as many additions to what I call my family (due to the little shindig on June 4). The crazy thing is that we weren't even done growing after the wedding! 

My newest little dude Lincoln Jay Vliet was born August 14. He's pretty chill so far. Not much of a conversationalist,  but he cool doh.

I'm also grateful for God's protection this past year. Not just for me, but for my family, Morgan, and her family as well! We had a little scare with this little guy a few weeks after he was born. 


We've been fortunate, though, that God has our back better than Tim Duncan has Durantula's.

tim duncan no catch.gif

I loved 2017, but I don't want to ever do it again. I'm ready for new adventures! And I'm pumped to jump into whatever they may be with this little lady. 


As you close out 2017, head into 2018, I wish you nothing but blessings and I hope it is 100% EPIC. 


8/21/17 : The Eclipse Highlights

Today, Union hosted a sweet eclipse party. We were one of the very few universities in the United States that had a perfect view of the 100% eclipse in totality, right on our campus. I was very underwhelmed, even as the sun was almost completely covered. 

But when that mug went 100% eclipsed... I lost my mind. It was so cool. 

It was a super fun day, and it was especially fun to celebrate such a cool experience with the entire student body. All the teachers, staff, students, and families all gathered together to eat lunch and take part in the experience, and it was a great way to kick off the new year! I really believe in my heart that this year will continue to be special at Union College.

ANYWAYS, here are some of my favorite eclipse highlights from Twitter.

Sometimes, Twitter is awesome. 

Day 8: 4th of July Nostalgia

Ahhhh, the 4th of July! One of my top 3 holidays, right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving. There’s so many things that give me nostalgia about this holiday. I suppose my favorite thing about the origin is the fact that it marked the end (ish) of a war. I also must say that I am forever grateful for the sacrifices made by other men and women in order for me to live with the freedoms I have. In the spirit of patriotism, here is a picture of me.

The night "The Bald Eagle" was born. 

The night "The Bald Eagle" was born. 

Back to the nostalgic, feel-good aspects of this day that always make it feel so special. Much to the disgust of my wife Morgan, I am going to make a list as we drive back to Lincoln on I-80.

  • The Food. Goodness gracious, the delicious 4th of July feasts. Watermelon, burgers and hot dogs, potato salads, pop (def: soda – for you heathens), chips, sugar cookies, and cold treats like ice cream and popsicles. Mercy…
  • The Fireworks. I love a good fireworks show. Neither Morgan or myself ever got super into shooting off our own big fireworks. However, a long, explosive fireworks show always just makes me feel so excited. I loved the anticipation of sitting in a boat or on a hill, waiting for the first one to light up the sky. It was always fun to watch and rank your favorite types of decorative explosions. My absolute FAVE was sitting close enough for the ashes to float down onto my big, bulbous, blond, bowl-cut covered head.
  • The Water. Both of us have spent many of these holidays on the water. For me it was often on a lake, either hanging out on a beach or in a boat. We would wakeboard, ski, kneeboard, or just cruise around, looking at the beautiful houses lining the shore. Whether on a lake, or by the ocean, or getting in water fights, water always has been involved in some way in our celebration (except this one...).
  • The Parade. I flippin loved the parade. Not much to it. Just a normal parade in which I would collect candy thrown at me. And I love candy.
  • The Outfits. I would plan all year what outfit I was going to wear on the 4th. The more red, white, and blue on my body the better. Jokes. This is definitely a Morgan memory. Every year, she couldn’t wait to pick out something patriotic from Old Navy that she could wear to match her little sister Madison.

    Which leads to our last, most important thing we love about the holiday.
  • The Friends and Family. Hands down, this is what takes a fun holiday and makes it glow all warm and perfect in our memories. Nothing can make a day more special than sharing stories, laughs, and love with the people around you. We’re both very grateful to our parents and everyone throughout the years that have done so much to create these incredible memories for us, and I consider myself pretty lucky to have married someone who appreciates so many of the same things I do on a day like this.

Happy Independence Day!

Here's my favorite patriotic arrangement out there. Enjoy!