10/23/17 : Some (completely unrelated) YouTube Videos

It's been a long time, but here are a couple YouTube videos that I found interesting and wanted to share. 

This is just my dude Caleb Haakenson doing his thing. He spent a year in Pohnpei and has really grown a lot as a videographer, and I'm jealous of his abilities and diligence documenting his year abroad.

My newest sister told me about this video yesterday and I found it super interesting. It almost sounded like one of those fake articles that you have to click a million times because each page is just like a couple sentences and a picture, but then I saw the YouTube video and it was full of legit quotes straight from source's mouths. It has definitely played a part in how I feel about some of the protests going on in the NFL. 


Our nation is definitely divided, but at least our leader is doing his best to bridge the gap:

Can't wait to see what's on my Twitter feed tomorrow! In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts and I'm sure Caleb would love a thumbs-up on his video!


PS On this date 4 years ago I asked Morgan to be my girlfriend. She said yes and now we're married and it's awesome. 

9/26/17 : Sports Sports (Politics?) Sports

D-Wade is gettin' back with Bron Bron! He gave 8 million of his remaining deal with the Bulls back to them so they could reach a buy-out the day training camp started, and then signed with the Cavaliers today for 2.4 million. This has been the most exciting off season in the NBA as long as I've been alive, BY FAR. A few months ago I said, The dominance of the Golden State Warriors is no good for the NBA. It's not competitive and people don't wanna watch and it just makes players want to form more superteams.

Well, I was wrong. This is incredible. SO MANY ALL-STARS SWITCHED TEAMS! It's like we are all just watching some teenager control the NBA like he's on MyGM mode, 2K18 style. The NBA is fun. 

Meanwhile, in the NFL...

So the players, coaches, and even some owners responded to Trump's comments Friday evening with varied forms of familiar silent protests during the National Anthem, and some fans seem to be pretty upset about it. 

It seems important to me to remember what is being protested, specifically.

It seems important to me to recognize that everyone has the freedom of speech: players, presidents, AND fans. It doesn't seem important to me to use my freedom of speech to tell others that they need to find a different, equally peaceful/non-violent way to protest.

It is important to me to pray, to listen, to understand, and to love.  

9/25/17 : Everyone Needs a Kanye

Today, all I want is someone to call me in the middle of the night to hype me like how Kanye hypes Mike Conley. 

I'm lookin' at you and Izaby, Paradise. 

9/17/17 : Thanks NFL... (for nothing)

Last week, Sam Bradford did what #1 overall picks in the NFL draft do: he looked amazing. Foolishly, I did what I do every season with every Minnesota sports team: I got excited.

This morning I received news that Sam Bradford was sitting today with a sore knee. This is the same knee in which he has torn his ACL... twice. The doctors couldn't tell from the MRI if it was torn again or not because of all the scar tissue. 

Long story short, the Vikings lost badly. 

In other NFL news, I have very good players on my fantasy teams that all decided to take a day off today. Not literally... they just sucked. So I lost in both my leagues. 

So all in all, today was a good day. But NONE of that had to do with the NFL at all. 

9/14/17 : 98%

A few years ago I took a leadership class with a young lady named Morgan and we took a personality test by Myers Briggs. It's pretty well known, and you end up with 4 letters that describe you and tell you all about yourself. My first letter was "E" for "Extroverted". It turns out I am 98% extroverted.

Today marked the first day of the first Preview Days of the year. We have some really fun prospective students visiting this weekend, and it's already been a blast. All day long I've been talking to people I know, people I don't know, current and prospective students, my wife, my boss, my friends, etc. Lots of talking and people. I never got tired. 

Now I'm home. Its almost midnight. There is no one around except my wife who allows me to be chill and "turn it off". I'm tired. 

So I'm going to sleep. I had to leave you with this video though. This is a compilation of great commercials. 

The "more more more" girl is Morgan when she wants a "vamped up Fall wardrobe". 



I feel sad. I was sad when I woke up and realized it was September 11. When I've had the time to stop and reflect, it has made me sad to think of the thousands of people whose lives were dramatically affected that day. It seems that literally every person I talk to knows exactly where they were and what they were doing when those planes hit the Twin Towers. That's how deeply our country was impacted. 

I also feel frustrated. All day long I've known that I wanted to write something about 9/11; something that remembers and honors those whose lives were lost. So I began searching the internet for other users' contributions: memorials, photos, tributes, etc. I thought it might inspire something thoughtful and maybe I'd find some photo or video that sums up how I feel about the day. 

But as I scrolled through several news feeds I not only had a hard time finding my inspiration, I struggled to find anything about the attack in NYC, 16 years ago today. Instead, I found a lot about the hurricanes (not unimportant by any means), an update of a shooting in Plano, TX that left 8 dead, an article telling me that parliament is divided (this is still news?), Australia had a poll that looks "promising for marriage equality", and FINALLY an article about 9/11. Except that article was only talking about how some Fox News reporter had the AUDACITY to say something insensitive to prove a political point. Literally nothing else in mainstream media searches.

I don't remember 9/11 that well. I was 9 years old. I remember that I was mostly upset because I couldn't find any cartoons on TV after school, until my older sister came home in tears, explaining to me the gravity of what those news stations were showing. What happened on that day has become more important to me as I've grown older because I have read about the stories of the men and women who sacrificed their lives for others, the heroics of rescue teams, and the unveiling of how ugly this world can be. 

As I turned to older generations again this year to learn and grow from their memories, I've been disappointed, and quite frankly, disgusted. Everything is so polarized it has completely overshadowed a lot of the things that really matter. The two sides can't even stop bickering long enough to respectfully remember and honor the lives of everyone affected by the horrible tragedy that shocked our nation. 

That attack on the US reminds me of a fatal car accident. In one split second, everything changed and we were left shell-shocked, trying to pick up the pieces. I believe right now, our nation is in a fight for its life, but it's not from a sudden, terrible accident. Its more of a steadily advancing, terminal auto-immune disease. We've been slowly destroying ourselves from the inside-out.

16 years ago we came together as a nation, embracing one another and lifting each other up as we united in a struggle to get back on our feet. I believe we can do that again. I'm discouraged, though, because I don't know if we are capable of such a dramatic shift without a traumatic, jarring accident to snap life's priorities back into their rightful places. 

I hope I'm wrong.

9/8/17 : Rest Up

It's been a long week of travel, a wedding, work, music, and now finally I get to close it out with my wife, resting on our couch. 

Check out this video my boy Caleb did while in Pohnpei last year, and then look at the rest of the videos he has done. He's talented, which is cool... but more than that he is a good dude that loves Jesus. I'm glad he was able to do a year abroad as a student missionary, and extra glad he documented it so well with his camera. 



Yesterday was a good day. I went to a wedding of two beautiful friends of mine (congrats Drew and Maile Meckelburg!) and by the end of it I was sick. It was the strangest thing. Throughout the day, as I traveled to Bismarck, ND, it just kept getting worse and worse. 

Then I got to Dakota Adventist Academy late and no one could tell me the wifi. It was bizarre. So I slept. Then today, I tried several times to log on and the website was down. 

So I flew from Bismarck to Denver, and now I'm here and feel terrible. I'm a complete weany when it comes to colds/flu, though, so I probably am not even that sick. 

Here's me. And this is why I'm not gonna post anymore. I'm going to bed. 

parks and rec.gif

8/23/17 : The 2nd Most Fun Trade of the NBA Off-Season

Full disclosure: If you don't care about basketball, skip this.

Kyrie Irving is going to Boston in exchange for (primarily) Isaiah Thomas, as well as Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and a 2018 first round pick, courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets. This video shows the 2 guards doing, against each other, what they each do best: scoring the basketball. 

Also, after watching this it made me realize how flippin' good Kyrie is, which somehow my memory was able to downplay a lot this off season. 

ALSO, they both suck at defense, which is why there is no defense in this compilation video. 

Here's my quick thoughts on the trade:

  • Kyrie is better than Isaiah Thomas, but not by a TON. They're similar players.
  • The Cavaliers are not ANY better defensively than they were last year, although Jae Crowder added to this trade helps. 
  • Next year's pick will hopefully be Michael Porter Jr. to the Cavs. 
  • If Lebron AND Thomas decide to leave next season then the Cavs future is screwed, but I don't think Isaiah will leave if Cleveland gives him the max, which I think they will. 
  • The Cavs won this trade this year. The Celtics won this trade next year, and the next. 
  • I can't wait to watch this match-up, literally every chance I get next year. 

This next year in the NBA is gonna be a blast. 

By the way, the most fun trade of the off-season was Jimmy Buckets to the Wolves for Lavine and Kris Dunn. Hands down. 

8/21/17 : The Eclipse Highlights

Today, Union hosted a sweet eclipse party. We were one of the very few universities in the United States that had a perfect view of the 100% eclipse in totality, right on our campus. I was very underwhelmed, even as the sun was almost completely covered. 

But when that mug went 100% eclipsed... I lost my mind. It was so cool. 

It was a super fun day, and it was especially fun to celebrate such a cool experience with the entire student body. All the teachers, staff, students, and families all gathered together to eat lunch and take part in the experience, and it was a great way to kick off the new year! I really believe in my heart that this year will continue to be special at Union College.

ANYWAYS, here are some of my favorite eclipse highlights from Twitter.

Sometimes, Twitter is awesome. 

8/20/17 : Wrecked

This is my 3rd registration weekend that I have worked in the Enrollment Office for Union College. I think I speak for myself, as well as my coworkers and all staff/faculty, when I say that the end of the weekend leaves me feeling like this Fox TV technician getting laid out by the Minnesota Vikings defensive line. 

He survived.

He survived.

Now I'm just praying the numbers are good this year!!

Day 47: I Hate the Internet

Today I spent an hour and a half writing about Charlottesville and racism and hate and love and Christianity and how all of that is related. 

Then, I waited til Morgan could read it because I run everything by her first to make sure it's on point. 

But THEN, the internet decided it had waited long enough, so it deleted everything I wrote without posting it. I tried rewriting it, but it just isn't the same. Earlier I was passionately writing about overcoming hate with love, but now I'm passionately wanting to do this:

I'll finish the stuff about love vs hate tomorrow. 

Day 43: Tweets of the Day

Here are a few of my favorite tweets from today, whether they be funny, interesting, or sports related. Also, I may be illiterate when it comes to embedding tweets. 

We live in interesting times... 

Day 37: Lots of Hats

I'm feelin kinda stressed out lately. I think it's cuz I'm tryna wear too many hats. I ran across this picture on Google, and I didn't have to edit it at all! It was kind of crazy to me how much I related to it so perfectly, so I simply had to share it. 


Seriously, whoever photoshopped this did an AMAZING job. Also, they are practically living my exact life. ALSO, DeAaron Fox and I have a lot in common. ALSOOO, I think the Miami Heat logo was left to symbolize that the artist is 1) an NBA-ready baller and 2) very attractive and 3) its summer so its hot. I could be wrong, but maybe not!

I wanna go put on that L.A. Zzz's hat now. 


Day 32: End of the Week

I'm very grateful that I work for an institution that allows me to leave work at noon on Fridays. For those of you that have to work a full work-day on Fridays...what I'm about to say may be annoying to you. 

Friday afternoons are too short.

All I want to do is get everything clean, groceries bought, car washed, bills paid, and clothes washed so I can enjoy one day stress free! I pick Saturday because of reasons I'll probably post another day, AND because Sunday is my day to be productive as a mug (read about it here). But alas, there doesn't seem to be enough time. 

Then again, there IS enough time. The problem is that when I'm off work I just want to do this. 

It's like the end of the week can be literally personified as a brick wall; you just hit it and you're done. I gotta say, today I powered through that wall, and I'm SO looking forward to a day of complete stress-free rest and relaxation. Now I'm going to go do that thing on my bed. ^^^^