10/11/17 : Feelin' Blessed!

There are so many things to look forward to right now!

This weekend I'm going up to MN for the alumni weekend at my Alma Mater, Maplewood Academy. I love that school, I love the town, I love the people, and most of all, I want to play in the alumni basketball game and make sure the high school team doesn't win. 


Then next week I'll be spending in Florida with my wife (half for business, half for fun!). There's some guaranteed relaxation time in there at SOME point. Regardless, Imma get mine (rest, I mean). 


At the same time, I'm working on some exciting new projects at Union College that actually make me enjoy getting up in the morning! I rock into the office like this daily. 


That's all just October!! 

In case you were wondering, marriage is still the coolest thing in life. My wife is awesome, she's super hot, she's super smart, and she's nice to me. Four days ago she said, "I wonder which of us will get really sick first, to the point where the other person has to take of everything..."

She's super sick today. To which I say...

giphy (4).gif

Just kidding... it actually makes me feel horrible every time I hear her sniffle. So please, if you're reading this, shoot up a prayer for that lady because she has midterms and grad school has her feeling stressed. 

Did I mention the NBA starts in one week? 

The Greatest Dunk of All Time

The Greatest Dunk of All Time

10/4/17 : The Minnesota Lynx

Most of my life I have felt like I cheer for a state that is cursed. My earliest sports memory was watching this play, in my cousin's house in Hutchinson, MN:

First miss in 123 attempts, and then we lost. Ever since then its just been a bunch of losing. In fact, I've said many times, "The state of MN has never, and WILL never win anything. We are cursed", to which I've been corrected. A few times a friend has reminded me... Our WNBA team has won a couple championships...

I am ashamed to say that it brought me no consolation. I would openly say, "That doesn't count." 

That will never happen again. The Lynx won their 3rd championship in 5 years in 2015, and then last year they lost a heartbreaker at home to the LA Sparks in Game 5. Throughout all this last season I've been tip-toeing the line of being a real fan or just a casual claimer, while they've been fighting for a chance at redemption. 

They got it tonight. 

Its the first WNBA game I've sat down and just watched all the way through, and I was thoroughly entertained. Lindsey Whalen (a native of my hometown Hutchinson, MN), Maya Moore (the WNBA's Kobe Bryant), Simeone Augustus and Sylvia Fowles (this season's MVP) are so fun to watch! Candace Parker is basically the LeBron James of the LA Sparks and they played hard the whole game. 

But MN won.

LA closed the gap to 3 with just 20 seconds remaining and clearly had momentum when Maya "Mo-Money" Moore hit a double clutch runner across the freethrow line. I lost my mind a little bit. 

If you're a hater on the WNBA, then you stupit for that. I'm all in. Lynx are my ladies, and I may be too late to fully appreciate the dynasty they built in their long careers. 

But it feels good to cheer for a winner for once. :) 

9/26/17 : Sports Sports (Politics?) Sports

D-Wade is gettin' back with Bron Bron! He gave 8 million of his remaining deal with the Bulls back to them so they could reach a buy-out the day training camp started, and then signed with the Cavaliers today for 2.4 million. This has been the most exciting off season in the NBA as long as I've been alive, BY FAR. A few months ago I said, The dominance of the Golden State Warriors is no good for the NBA. It's not competitive and people don't wanna watch and it just makes players want to form more superteams.

Well, I was wrong. This is incredible. SO MANY ALL-STARS SWITCHED TEAMS! It's like we are all just watching some teenager control the NBA like he's on MyGM mode, 2K18 style. The NBA is fun. 

Meanwhile, in the NFL...

So the players, coaches, and even some owners responded to Trump's comments Friday evening with varied forms of familiar silent protests during the National Anthem, and some fans seem to be pretty upset about it. 

It seems important to me to remember what is being protested, specifically.

It seems important to me to recognize that everyone has the freedom of speech: players, presidents, AND fans. It doesn't seem important to me to use my freedom of speech to tell others that they need to find a different, equally peaceful/non-violent way to protest.

It is important to me to pray, to listen, to understand, and to love.  

9/25/17 : Everyone Needs a Kanye

Today, all I want is someone to call me in the middle of the night to hype me like how Kanye hypes Mike Conley. 

I'm lookin' at you and Izaby, Paradise. 

9/24/17 : DWade and the NFL's Anthem Protests

9/23/17 : POTUS & Sports

So quite a bit happened today! I usually just see a lot of content and opinions about sports on my Twitter feed, but interestingly enough, today Donald Trump had a lot to say about my favorite sports!

He got things started last night with this comment at a rally in Alabama. 

I don't like curse words, and will probably always keep them off my blog, but this tweet pretty sums up how I feel. 

Then he kept things going this morning in the sports world, starting at 7:30am. 

The Warriors responded...

and so did many others, even some of the biggest names in sports. It's rare that Lebron or Kobe decide to make a statement about politics. But I guess if Trump was going to go out of his way to take a shot at an NBA player, it opened the door for athletes to take a shot back? At least that's how I would feel if I was in the NBA. 

This is the next thing he said, which isn't sports related, but it happened today and it makes me nervous! 

This doesn't have to do with the president (although who knows what he'll say on Twitter... maybe he'll comment on it next!), but it is BIG news for the NBA! The WOJ is a beast, btw. 

So yeah... the West is STACKED and the NBA is going to be INSANE this year.

Also, Sam Bradford flew to see some doctor about his knee yesterday and no one knows if he'll play tomorrow. 

I'm not sure which bit of news carries the most gravity and impact on my life today: is it the impending nuclear warfare, the incredibly stacked squads in the NBA, or Steph Curry hurting the president's feelings by not visiting the White House? They're all pretty big deals...

9/17/17 : Thanks NFL... (for nothing)

Last week, Sam Bradford did what #1 overall picks in the NFL draft do: he looked amazing. Foolishly, I did what I do every season with every Minnesota sports team: I got excited.

This morning I received news that Sam Bradford was sitting today with a sore knee. This is the same knee in which he has torn his ACL... twice. The doctors couldn't tell from the MRI if it was torn again or not because of all the scar tissue. 

Long story short, the Vikings lost badly. 

In other NFL news, I have very good players on my fantasy teams that all decided to take a day off today. Not literally... they just sucked. So I lost in both my leagues. 

So all in all, today was a good day. But NONE of that had to do with the NFL at all. 

9/12/17 : Bazz!

8/23/17 : The 2nd Most Fun Trade of the NBA Off-Season

Full disclosure: If you don't care about basketball, skip this.

Kyrie Irving is going to Boston in exchange for (primarily) Isaiah Thomas, as well as Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and a 2018 first round pick, courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets. This video shows the 2 guards doing, against each other, what they each do best: scoring the basketball. 

Also, after watching this it made me realize how flippin' good Kyrie is, which somehow my memory was able to downplay a lot this off season. 

ALSO, they both suck at defense, which is why there is no defense in this compilation video. 

Here's my quick thoughts on the trade:

  • Kyrie is better than Isaiah Thomas, but not by a TON. They're similar players.
  • The Cavaliers are not ANY better defensively than they were last year, although Jae Crowder added to this trade helps. 
  • Next year's pick will hopefully be Michael Porter Jr. to the Cavs. 
  • If Lebron AND Thomas decide to leave next season then the Cavs future is screwed, but I don't think Isaiah will leave if Cleveland gives him the max, which I think they will. 
  • The Cavs won this trade this year. The Celtics won this trade next year, and the next. 
  • I can't wait to watch this match-up, literally every chance I get next year. 

This next year in the NBA is gonna be a blast. 

By the way, the most fun trade of the off-season was Jimmy Buckets to the Wolves for Lavine and Kris Dunn. Hands down.