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Day 37: Lots of Hats

I'm feelin kinda stressed out lately. I think it's cuz I'm tryna wear too many hats. I ran across this picture on Google, and I didn't have to edit it at all! It was kind of crazy to me how much I related to it so perfectly, so I simply had to share it. 


Seriously, whoever photoshopped this did an AMAZING job. Also, they are practically living my exact life. ALSO, DeAaron Fox and I have a lot in common. ALSOOO, I think the Miami Heat logo was left to symbolize that the artist is 1) an NBA-ready baller and 2) very attractive and 3) its summer so its hot. I could be wrong, but maybe not!

I wanna go put on that L.A. Zzz's hat now. 


Day 36: Dunkirk

Morgan and I went and saw this movie tonight at the Lincoln Grand Cinema. I'm feeling drained.

Partially because I worked like 11 hours today, but also because movies like that are draining. I would definitely recommend seeing it, but I also don't think I'll have the energy to watch it again... maybe ever. 

However, I've always had this teeny seed of fascination with Winston Churchill that I've hardly nurtured at all, and tonight I decided I would like to learn more about that man. If any of you know any good autobiographies (preferably riveting, as I'm not much of a booksman) please pass the suggestion along!

To start though I looked up some quotes of his, as they've always been some of my favorite inspirations. Here are a couple I love:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to make my wife marry me.

#relatable #amirite

Day 34+35: Oops

I missed Sunday again. BUT I did get a lot done!

My parents came into Lincoln on their to Omaha for a conference, so we got to spend Saturday night and Sunday morning with them! My dad picked up a sweet, used theater sofa for us in Denver, and we moved it into the basement. Then we had some leftover pasta that Morgan made, some homemade ice cream (which was more like soup), and PEACHES. 

The next morning we went for a bike ride to Panera after having coffee in our little living room, and then my dad decided to help us put some shelves up in our apartment! Morgan helped me clean and reorganize the "theater room" in our basement, and I had a greatly productive music meeting. By the end of the day I was very tired, and COMPLETELY forgot to blog. 

I don't mind, though. It doesn't hurt much that only one person has asked to be on my accountability list, so it only cost me $1 to miss the day; However, the primary reason I don't mind that I messed up my "Year of Blogging" again because I was so busy enjoying my family's company, making a home with my wife, and working on a career I love.

A day spent building a relationship, home, or future is a day never wasted.


Day 28: "The Wire"

Who made up these rules
Who’s the star and who’s the tool
And who’s the genius and who’s the fool
Oh who made up these rules yeah

Who wrote all of these laws
When to spit and when to applaud
What’s of the devil and what’s of God

Cause I’m so tired of walking this wire
I’m either ice or I’m fire
I’m so tired of walking this wire
I’m either ice or I’m fire
— Allen Stone

This is one of my favorite songs by my favorite artist. Growing up an American citizien and Seventh-day Adventist Christian while attending a church service every week, I remember listening to this song the first time and thinking... yeaaaahh! I AM so tired of walking this wire!

Remember in middle school, when you had that classroom that you weren't allowed to chew gum in? Why?! I loved to chew gum! And its all because of those idiots that didn't know how to locate a trash can when their Juicy Fruit lost its flavor, resigning instead to sticking it under their desks, or stomping it into the carpet. The teachers' solutions: to outlaw ALL GUM CHEWING. 

There is nothing bad about gum chewing. If there is, there's no way it outweighs the good. Yet, the rules decided to skip back a few steps to prevent even the OPTION of sticking gum under the desk. If the logical rule of "no sticking your used gum in the carpet or under the desk" is too hard to enforce, then we MUST come up with more strict rules to have enforce our own desired outcomes. It is entirely out of a desire to be in control. 

Well, that's how anything goes that grows large enough to become a man-made institution. Without getting too far into politics (church or governmental), I will just say that I think most laws and rules are put in place as a means to control a specific outcome that may or may not even be mentioned in that law/rule. Rather than leaders educating people on the benefits of behaving a certain way, they create penalties and consequences to control their behavior. 

I don't want to give examples of the rules and laws that I believe create a "wire" for me to walk. I want you to think of them for yourself. What is causing you to tip toe, and why? Can you even explain it for yourself? Better yet, what are the guidelines in your life that you try to project onto everyone else around you, whether that be in church, at school, or in your workplace? You may be creating a wire for someone else to walk. 

As a Christian, I have to remind you (and myself) that it is never our job to change other people. Our job is only to love them. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to change them. 

As a Christian, I have to remind myself (and you) that inner reformation is impossible by my own efforts. My job is only to let go of control. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to change me. 

Don't walk a wire. Don't create wires. 

A new commandment I give you: Love one another.
— John 13:33

Day 20: First Days Apart

Well, Friday marked the first weekend that we spent apart since we were married. I had a concert in Rochester, MN with Azriel and so she got to spend the weekend at home in Orlando with her parents. 

I'm not a fan of being apart. I never have been, but now I ESPECIALLY don't like it. 

But I drove all morning to get home, and she traveled all day to get home, and now we're together so this is all I have to say.

Being married is still awesome and I love it. 

Day 14....and 15.

In 1960 a doctor observed that it took 21 days for his patients to get used to their missing limbs, or their new faces after he performed those respective surgeries on them. As a result, the prevailing theory that it takes 21 days to form a new habit was born. 

However, then a doctor in 2009 disproved that, and now people are saying it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit.  After months of studies, the shortest amount of time it took was 18 days, and the longest was 254. 

This is my research done in order to stay positive after failing only 2 days in. So these are my positive take aways: NO ONE formed/changed a habit in 15 days and also NO ONE took longer than a year! I'm right on track to succeed! 

So if you feel like taking on a new hobby, or forming a new habit, don't beat yourself up and quit after 2 weeks. Stick with it. 

"Even though the righteous fall seven times, THEY GET UP AGAIN. Prov. 24:16, bro"

"Even though the righteous fall seven times, THEY GET UP AGAIN. Prov. 24:16, bro"

You got this. 


Day 13: "I Won't Let You Go"

Here's another one of my favorite songs. The music video is a little strange... so I posted the lyric video instead because I want you to like it too. Once you love it, watch the music video here.

Every time I listen to this song in the car with Morgan it just makes me feel very in tune with my love for her. The melody and lyrics just work so perfectly together in my mind, they pull an actual emotion out of me. 

Basically, this is me when the chorus hits.

...and by the end of the song...

Any songs able to pull emotions out of you like this? Tell me in a comment!

Day 12: Special Saturdays

“The world, though fallen, is not all sorrow and misery. In nature itself are messages of hope and comfort. There are flowers upon the thistles, and the thorns are covered with roses.”
— Steps to Christ

I have grown to love finding lessons of redemption, grace, and examples of God's character placed intentionally into God's creations for us. Here's an episode of an interested mini-series called The Record Keeper. Since I'm not giving you background or context or anything, just skip ahead to 5:20 and watch 'til 6:20. 

This kind of rabbit is born deaf, blind, and without an immune system. This is incredible for an animal that eventually has the most incredible set of ears, and 360 degree vision. How do they get there? That's what blows my mind. Such a blatant lesson for fallen humanity that God didn't NEED to throw in, but He did. 

Fully depend on God, and He will develop your spiritual immune system, your eyes will begin to see things the way He does, and you'll be able to hear Him more clearly. 


Day 10: Motivation

I read once somewhere that a successful person doesn't believe in motivation. They don't sit around waiting for it to strike. They don't read inspirational quotes in the morning to get them going. They don't rely on successes of others to drive them away from their own failures.

They just do. Whether or not they feel like it, they just do whatever it is they are determined to do. 

Well, I guess I'm not one of those people. It certainly feels to me like motivation is something I either have or I don't have. 

And when I don't, I write something like this.  

Day 6: Four weeks of bein' married.

Exactly 4 weeks ago today, Morgan and I made a pretty incredible commitment. I remember driving to the airport for our honeymoon the next day and saying to her, "We're locked in. We decided yesterday to be best friends forever, no matter what. We're gonna be living together when we're 65 years old. You're still gonna have to kiss me when my lips are wrinkly and my breath smells like altoids. You can't back out anymore if I accidentally pass gas in public." 

But as we talked more about it, we realized the weight of the decision, and I think it kind of felt like this:

But then again, we're young, in love, and literally just having a blast. So after 4 weeks, we feel more like we're riding into the future carrying the weight of that decision like this. 

So far, we just love being married. I know I've heard Morgan answer the "How's marriage?!" question about as many times as I've been asked it, and she says the same things as me.

We just love being together! Plain and simple.


Day 1: 364 to go.

I feel like I just need to write! So here it goes. I'm gonna write SOMETHING each day for 365 days. I have no clue what each day will be about, but I'll write something. 

If you know me, you know I try this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME. So if you're reading this, and care to bookmark it and make it a part of your daily ready for the next year, leave me a comment saying you expect me to see this through, and I'll put your name down on The List. The List is a list of people I just decided I will pay a dollar to every time I miss a day this year. 

So I guess this first post is just about me posting. I've got a lot to write about that I've been learning. Probably tomorrow I'll tell you about my wife.


I'm married.


Comment! Not only to get on "The List", but to engage. I'm big on making friends, relationships, talking and that kind of thing. 

I think this is going to be challenging for me to see through, but really rewarding.