A [Very] Happy New Year!

Aaaaand just like that, 2017 is gone. 

peace out.gif

This past year will go down forever as one of my favorites, and I think the reason is pretty self-explanatory. Regardless, I will use a series of gifs and photos to explain most accurately what 2017 meant to me; the things I'm grateful for, the experiences had, and the ways things will never be the same. 

First of all, this is obvious:

June 4, 2017 - Morgan and I joined forces, for good and forever. #OneMoMorrison

June 4, 2017 - Morgan and I joined forces, for good and forever. #OneMoMorrison

2017 marks the start of an era where I always have someone to lean on; my very own Scottie Pippen.

MJ Pippen hug.gif

Family has been a huge blessing that I'm grateful for. Check it:

I'm thankful for my mother's love.

I'm thankful for my mother's love.

I'm thankful for my father's love (and his excessively generous genetic contribution).

I'm thankful for my father's love (and his excessively generous genetic contribution).

Like I said, family is dope. 

I'm still not done with this whole family growth thing either. I don't know that there will be another year that I have as many additions to what I call my family (due to the little shindig on June 4). The crazy thing is that we weren't even done growing after the wedding! 

My newest little dude Lincoln Jay Vliet was born August 14. He's pretty chill so far. Not much of a conversationalist,  but he cool doh.

I'm also grateful for God's protection this past year. Not just for me, but for my family, Morgan, and her family as well! We had a little scare with this little guy a few weeks after he was born. 


We've been fortunate, though, that God has our back better than Tim Duncan has Durantula's.

tim duncan no catch.gif

I loved 2017, but I don't want to ever do it again. I'm ready for new adventures! And I'm pumped to jump into whatever they may be with this little lady. 


As you close out 2017, head into 2018, I wish you nothing but blessings and I hope it is 100% EPIC. 


Day 7: Blended Families

This past weekend, Morgan and I have been celebrating her Great Aunt June’s 90th birthday in the Denver area.  It’s been a great excuse to visit some Union College students at Glacier View Ranch to talk about our alma mater, as well as an opportunity to see my parents and brother’s family.

Morgan’s mother comes from a family with very rich German heritage, so every time they all get together, food happens. Right now, I’m in the living room at Aunt June’s while Morgan is learning (with all her aunties I think… I’m having a hard time keeping track of who’s who!) how to make the famous cheese buttons. Saturday afternoon I got to experience Aunt June’s noodle soup with mashed potatoes and I gotta say, I’m a fan of all this German food stuff.

On our 45 minute drive here, Morgan and I did some talking, and we did some sitting quietly, and we did some singing. It turns out that one of my favorite things about being with her is that it has NEVER been awkward, whether we’re sitting in silence, being goofy, or having serious conversations.

I guess, the main thing I’m getting at today is that one of my favorite things about marriage so far has been blending families. Getting to know Morgan’s side the past few years has been a blast, but it just feels different now!

It kind of reminds me of this little, aqua green, GEO Metro my older sister used to drive. She taught me how to drive a manual transmission in it when I was 15, and I loved it. Not because it was this fast sports car or had fancy features, but because it just held a special place in my heart, and it was fun to drive because any stick shift felt more like a racecar than an automatic!

Me standing by my GEO

Me standing by my GEO

 But then 5th gear went out.
And then 4th gear went out.

So once this car had a max cruising speed of 40mph, completely incapable of driving on highways, it became my daily driver.  Now that it was mine, it became the COOLEST car in the parking lot at school (according to me, and only me most likely). I dubbed it “The Drift Buster”. Those tires were so thin that they just sliced through the biggest snow drifts without ever losing traction. I loved it even more because now it was mine.

Looking at Morgan’s old family pictures, meeting great aunts and uncles, and taking part in their family traditions means so much more to me now, and I think it’s because it isn’t just Morgan’s family. It’s also mine, and they have really made me feel like I am theirs.

Basically -- #blessed, #amirite?