9/14/17 : 98%

A few years ago I took a leadership class with a young lady named Morgan and we took a personality test by Myers Briggs. It's pretty well known, and you end up with 4 letters that describe you and tell you all about yourself. My first letter was "E" for "Extroverted". It turns out I am 98% extroverted.

Today marked the first day of the first Preview Days of the year. We have some really fun prospective students visiting this weekend, and it's already been a blast. All day long I've been talking to people I know, people I don't know, current and prospective students, my wife, my boss, my friends, etc. Lots of talking and people. I never got tired. 

Now I'm home. Its almost midnight. There is no one around except my wife who allows me to be chill and "turn it off". I'm tired. 

So I'm going to sleep. I had to leave you with this video though. This is a compilation of great commercials. 

The "more more more" girl is Morgan when she wants a "vamped up Fall wardrobe". 


9/8/17 : Rest Up

It's been a long week of travel, a wedding, work, music, and now finally I get to close it out with my wife, resting on our couch. 

Check out this video my boy Caleb did while in Pohnpei last year, and then look at the rest of the videos he has done. He's talented, which is cool... but more than that he is a good dude that loves Jesus. I'm glad he was able to do a year abroad as a student missionary, and extra glad he documented it so well with his camera.