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Day 33: 8 Weeks Ago :)

8 weeks ago today, Morgan and I celebrated our last Sabbath as "single" individuals (according to the state, at least). Our families and friends came together a day before the wedding to worship and eat together, and to just spend time enjoying each other's company. It was truly a blessing to Morgan and I, and one of the highest highlights of the weekend for us. 

Here are some pictures from that day! 

If you want to see more pictures like these, my brother-in-law posted about 250 on flickr, which you can view here

Also, a quick update: marriage is still awesome.

Day 32: End of the Week

I'm very grateful that I work for an institution that allows me to leave work at noon on Fridays. For those of you that have to work a full work-day on Fridays...what I'm about to say may be annoying to you. 

Friday afternoons are too short.

All I want to do is get everything clean, groceries bought, car washed, bills paid, and clothes washed so I can enjoy one day stress free! I pick Saturday because of reasons I'll probably post another day, AND because Sunday is my day to be productive as a mug (read about it here). But alas, there doesn't seem to be enough time. 

Then again, there IS enough time. The problem is that when I'm off work I just want to do this. 

It's like the end of the week can be literally personified as a brick wall; you just hit it and you're done. I gotta say, today I powered through that wall, and I'm SO looking forward to a day of complete stress-free rest and relaxation. Now I'm going to go do that thing on my bed. ^^^^

Day 27: Sundays

Sundays have become increasingly full of productive expectations that I set for myself. I go into it thinking, I'm going to start out this week getting SO MUCH STUFF done! Rarely do I check every box on my to-do list.

Today, I even got up early to play a game of basketball in the Cornhusker State Games (I played horrible-we got worked, in case you're wondering). Then I went home, did dishes, had a delicious breakfast, (THANKS MORGAN), did dishes again, and got started on my list. The sun was out. For the first time in a week it wasn't 95 degrees out. 

But I was inside, writing addresses on Thank You cards from our wedding gifts.

By the time I finished this first task on my list, I realized everything else on my list was to be done indoors. My whole afternoon would be spent indoors. Also, I was getting tired. I wasn't motivated. But I had stuff to do! But it was so nice out. But I was tired. I needed a break. But there wasn't any time for a break. I only get one Sunday a week! I NEED TO MAXIMIZE. But I'm feeling lethargic and lazy.

Do any of you relate to this inner struggle on Sundays? Any tips to squeezing every last drop out of the productive window that is a Sunday? Please, hook a brother up. 

Day 24: The Little Mermaid

Tonight, the Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater hosted "The Little Mermaid" as Broadway does it, but all the actors and musicians were local volunteers from L-Town. Morgan was PUMPED. I was pretty excited myself. 

I used to think that stuff was lame, and then an (ex)girlfriend took me for my birthday to see the Lion King Broadway musical in Omaha, NE. It was LITERALLY the most magical viewing experience of my life. 

So, we were gonna skip it because it was 100 degrees out, but we forget to tell everyone we invited, so when we realized it and our friends were already there, we quick scurried over to Pioneer's Park. It was like swimming in a hot tub of air. My shirt was disgusting. Then the music finally started. 

Does anyone know if heat and humidity affect a french horn worse than the other instruments in an orchestra? 

I was just wondering.... no reason.

All in all, it was really fun, and I'm proud of my fellow Lincolnites for putting on a program like that! I really, truly, honestly love living here. I also love living here with Morgan. Its way cooler.

Anyways, now its 11:59 and I gotta get this thing posted. 

Just a reminder, I'm blogging every day for a year. If you want to be on The List, tell me in the comments. If you don't know what The List is, read Day 1.  

Day 17: The Bible Is Real.

Sometimes, the Bible makes no sense. It seems there is no logical reason why it would say what it does, and one might even come to the conclusion that some of God's Word is... arbitrary. *gasp*

I LOVE finding nuggets in the Bible that seemed arbitrary or random, and matching them with scientific discoveries! So here's one for ya. 

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
— Prov. 17:22

Turns out, laughter can actually stimulate organs, activate and relieve your stress response, soothe tension,  relieve pain, among other positive physical health benefits!

ALSO, depression legitimately makes your bones more brittle. True story. Read about it here, at this super legit website that is basically an online doctor.

Moral of the story... LAUGH A LITTLE. Get out of the dumps! Depression and boringness is killing you. 

Day 11: flashbackfriday (story version)

One time, when I was in Australia...

I was assigned a new solo. I was very excited because it was one of my first solos and it was a really fun bridge to a song that had a catchy melody and a BOPPIN (acoustic) beat. I practiced for hours. However, I was mainly practicing the other 30 songs in our set and didn't spend a lot of time on the solo. "No worries" I thought, "Its just a short, simple bridge. I'll brush up the day of and it'll be gravy."

so the day of the concert came, and my typical jitters were covered up by lame, dad jokes that eventually spilled out into my introduction in front of the several hundred people attending. As we made our way through the set, we soon came to THE song. I stepped out from behind the safety of my keyboard as this was a song that didn't require my ivory ticklers. I sang some "Oos" and "Ahhs" in the background, anxiously awaiting my time to shine. The problem was, without the keyboard to occupy my hands, I closely resembled a stick man puppet in the hands of a child when trying to "move" with the music. Unfortunately, no one was more aware of this fact than I, and it consumed most of my thoughts while performing.

In fact, it consumed my thoughts to the point of me forgetting the lyrics of my solo. As line by line we got closer to the moment I was supposed to step up and blast some bars, the panic in my chest grew and I began to nervously smile, frantically racking my brain for a word to trigger my memory. The chorus before my bridge began...

still nothing. 

So, I began to bop across the stage,  asking each person in a frantic, speedy whisper "HOW DOES THE BRIDGE GO??" in between melodious background vocals. Each person, unwilling to sacrifice professionalism to look at me and help, just subtly shook their head and kept singing. The drummer laughed. The guitarist just raised his eyebrows with a closed mouth smile (he had no idea what I said). 

Alas, I ran out of time. I asked the last member on stage that could help, who happened to be the road manager. But there was no way she could tell me in time for me to get the words out of my mouth. I was flushed with embarrassment and anxiety at this point (I think). 

But Priscilla is a professional. She just stepped forward and sang it like it was the plan all along. After the concert she said she could hear me asking each person ALL the way across the stage. I received a brief lecture about professionalism onstage, and then a lot of teasing for several years. 

It's probably one of my favorite mishaps of my time in Endless Praise. Happy Sabbath! 

(I wrote this on my phone so I hope its readable.)

Day 5: My #1 Goal in Life

If I'm going to do 365 of these, some of them are going to be pretty short and simple. Some days I will probably just post a song by itself and say what it means to me. This is one of those days. 

Sometime I listen to a song and think to myself, YAASSSS. THIS IS ME.

This is one of those songs. I want to look more like Love. Plain and simple. 

I've had dreams and wanted several big things in life: to go on American Idol, to become a professional basketball player, to start a family, to get married, star in a stupid funny movie, go viral on Vine... to name a few. Some are silly, some are legit. 

But this song really, truly sums up what I want more than anything else in life. I want so badly for people to look at me--whether they know me well or are complete strangers--and recognize Love. 

I've got a lot of work to do still... well, at least Jesus has a lot of work to do in me still. :)