Day 23: Role Models

In 8th grade I remember going to the gym by myself, and shooting over and over the zillion fake-turn around baseline fade away, trying to emulate Kevin Garnett's jumper to the best of my ability. In case you don't know what I mean, just watch this mug:

I hit a big growth spurt that year, so I went into high school about 6' 2" with a decent KG baseline fade away. Before all you haters that have seen my current fade away freak out and make fun of me, let me just say IT WAS DECENT. If I had realized I'd never have a coach that would condone such a shot, I wouldn't have practiced it so much. Nevertheless, I can't do it anymore. 

That's life though! You have people you admire, for whatever reasons they may be, and you typically try to be more like them. I was blessed with some good role models--not just KG. He's borderline maniacal. 

No, I was blessed with role models like my older brother, my dad, and my grandpa... my older sisters, mom, aunties, and grandmothers, who all taught me different aspects of how to love, how to work hard, how to persevere, and how to be patient. 

The way you love your family, your spouse, your friends... its the greatest influence you may ever have! Even though I never got the opportunity to unleash that lethal fade-away, I am given countless opportunities DAILY to love deeper and work harder. 

Day 1: 364 to go.

I feel like I just need to write! So here it goes. I'm gonna write SOMETHING each day for 365 days. I have no clue what each day will be about, but I'll write something. 

If you know me, you know I try this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME. So if you're reading this, and care to bookmark it and make it a part of your daily ready for the next year, leave me a comment saying you expect me to see this through, and I'll put your name down on The List. The List is a list of people I just decided I will pay a dollar to every time I miss a day this year. 

So I guess this first post is just about me posting. I've got a lot to write about that I've been learning. Probably tomorrow I'll tell you about my wife.


I'm married.


Comment! Not only to get on "The List", but to engage. I'm big on making friends, relationships, talking and that kind of thing. 

I think this is going to be challenging for me to see through, but really rewarding.