9/6/17 : Perfect World - Perfect Video

8/29/17 : Project Impact: Worship

Next Thursday, September 7, is Project Impact at Union College. Project Impact is the longest running annual community service event by a college/university in the country. That is a mouthful... but its true! Something like 30 years now Union has been cancelling classes one day a year and spreading throughout Lincoln, NE to serve the community. 

I believe worship is a lifestyle, not just an act that you perform once or twice a week, and serving others is an act of worship (Matt 25:40). So this year, to close out this campus wide day of "worship", we're going to come together and invite the community to continue worshiping with us in praise.

I'm super excited for this event, as I love the opportunity for Union to tie Christianity, service, and acts of love among humanity all together. So anyways, if you are around Thursday morning, come to Union College and gather under the clock tower. Get off work or whatever you gotta do, and come serve the community in Lincoln. If you're free Thursday evening at 7, the doors will open at Woods Auditorium for Project Impact: Worship. Come worship with us there! I'll post videos of the set list so you can listen, learn, and then come love on Jesus through them. :)


Maybe on or two more. Who knows.... :)

8/16/17 : Death Has Died

Sometimes in this world of chaos, turmoil, poverty, sickness, conflict and greed, you need something to make you feel good. There are times when I seriously feel like it's selfish to be happy because of all the crap going on in the world. What is discouraging is that it seems impossible for good to win. 

That's why I love this song. If this mug doesn't get you hyped, then... tell me what does, cuz it would probably make me lose my mind. 

Cheer up Buttercup! 

"Death has died and LOVE has won!"

Day 44: Happy

Sometimes I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes I turn to music to turn things around. Sometimes I turn to Parks and Rec. 

I think it is so cool when a song can turn my mood around, though. This is one of the few that legitimately lifts my mood every time I listen to it. It is my goal to write something like this some day. I want to write a song eventually that people can't listen to without cracking a smile by the end.

Maybe you can't relate to that feeling with this song, so tell me what your happy song is!

Day 40: Invitations are Necessary

When I was younger, there was a rule in our house that you couldn't invite yourself over to a friends house because it was very rude. I thought I was pretty clever by telling Leif have his mom invite me over so my mom would say yes. 

I still feel like it's pretty rude to invite myself places. In fact, sometimes I even feel rude accepting invitations if I feel I was invited out of obligation. Yet, there are some people and some places that I am so comfortable, I don't always need an invitation to pop in or hang out; I'll just do it. However, I still think that's intrusive... I just do it anyways I guess, 'cuz that's how much I love those people!

So, when dealing with anyone who is polite, non-invasive, and cares enough to respect your space, if you want to spend time with them you're going to need to invite them. The invitation is necessary for quality time together.

Jesus is pretty polite, definitely non-invasive, and He will never impose Himself on anyone unless they personally invite Him. This is why I love to start off any worship set, concert, or program I do with an invitation to the Holy Spirit (basically the omni-present version of Jesus) to be present with me, and everyone else there. 

Azriel shares this sentiment with me, so here is a variation of the concert-opening medley that we did in FL. 

Invite Him in!

Day 39: "Please Forgive Me"

This song has been my literal prayer many times in the last 5 years. There have even been times where I would literally sing these words out loud because I was feeling so separated from God by my selfishness. I felt like a failure, making the same mistakes over and over, seemingly stuck in one place as a sinner. In those times I felt like the promise of being transformed from "glory to glory" was not really true for me. 

But after asking for forgiveness, I feel God pick me up a bit, and I've got the courage to keep trying. I hope its a blessing to you too!

“And if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”
— 1 John 1:9

Day 37: Lots of Hats

I'm feelin kinda stressed out lately. I think it's cuz I'm tryna wear too many hats. I ran across this picture on Google, and I didn't have to edit it at all! It was kind of crazy to me how much I related to it so perfectly, so I simply had to share it. 


Seriously, whoever photoshopped this did an AMAZING job. Also, they are practically living my exact life. ALSO, DeAaron Fox and I have a lot in common. ALSOOO, I think the Miami Heat logo was left to symbolize that the artist is 1) an NBA-ready baller and 2) very attractive and 3) its summer so its hot. I could be wrong, but maybe not!

I wanna go put on that L.A. Zzz's hat now. 


Day 28: "The Wire"

Who made up these rules
Who’s the star and who’s the tool
And who’s the genius and who’s the fool
Oh who made up these rules yeah

Who wrote all of these laws
When to spit and when to applaud
What’s of the devil and what’s of God

Cause I’m so tired of walking this wire
I’m either ice or I’m fire
I’m so tired of walking this wire
I’m either ice or I’m fire
— Allen Stone

This is one of my favorite songs by my favorite artist. Growing up an American citizien and Seventh-day Adventist Christian while attending a church service every week, I remember listening to this song the first time and thinking... yeaaaahh! I AM so tired of walking this wire!

Remember in middle school, when you had that classroom that you weren't allowed to chew gum in? Why?! I loved to chew gum! And its all because of those idiots that didn't know how to locate a trash can when their Juicy Fruit lost its flavor, resigning instead to sticking it under their desks, or stomping it into the carpet. The teachers' solutions: to outlaw ALL GUM CHEWING. 

There is nothing bad about gum chewing. If there is, there's no way it outweighs the good. Yet, the rules decided to skip back a few steps to prevent even the OPTION of sticking gum under the desk. If the logical rule of "no sticking your used gum in the carpet or under the desk" is too hard to enforce, then we MUST come up with more strict rules to have enforce our own desired outcomes. It is entirely out of a desire to be in control. 

Well, that's how anything goes that grows large enough to become a man-made institution. Without getting too far into politics (church or governmental), I will just say that I think most laws and rules are put in place as a means to control a specific outcome that may or may not even be mentioned in that law/rule. Rather than leaders educating people on the benefits of behaving a certain way, they create penalties and consequences to control their behavior. 

I don't want to give examples of the rules and laws that I believe create a "wire" for me to walk. I want you to think of them for yourself. What is causing you to tip toe, and why? Can you even explain it for yourself? Better yet, what are the guidelines in your life that you try to project onto everyone else around you, whether that be in church, at school, or in your workplace? You may be creating a wire for someone else to walk. 

As a Christian, I have to remind you (and myself) that it is never our job to change other people. Our job is only to love them. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to change them. 

As a Christian, I have to remind myself (and you) that inner reformation is impossible by my own efforts. My job is only to let go of control. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to change me. 

Don't walk a wire. Don't create wires. 

A new commandment I give you: Love one another.
— John 13:33

Day 24: The Little Mermaid

Tonight, the Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater hosted "The Little Mermaid" as Broadway does it, but all the actors and musicians were local volunteers from L-Town. Morgan was PUMPED. I was pretty excited myself. 

I used to think that stuff was lame, and then an (ex)girlfriend took me for my birthday to see the Lion King Broadway musical in Omaha, NE. It was LITERALLY the most magical viewing experience of my life. 

So, we were gonna skip it because it was 100 degrees out, but we forget to tell everyone we invited, so when we realized it and our friends were already there, we quick scurried over to Pioneer's Park. It was like swimming in a hot tub of air. My shirt was disgusting. Then the music finally started. 

Does anyone know if heat and humidity affect a french horn worse than the other instruments in an orchestra? 

I was just wondering.... no reason.

All in all, it was really fun, and I'm proud of my fellow Lincolnites for putting on a program like that! I really, truly, honestly love living here. I also love living here with Morgan. Its way cooler.

Anyways, now its 11:59 and I gotta get this thing posted. 

Just a reminder, I'm blogging every day for a year. If you want to be on The List, tell me in the comments. If you don't know what The List is, read Day 1.  

Day 13: "I Won't Let You Go"

Here's another one of my favorite songs. The music video is a little strange... so I posted the lyric video instead because I want you to like it too. Once you love it, watch the music video here.

Every time I listen to this song in the car with Morgan it just makes me feel very in tune with my love for her. The melody and lyrics just work so perfectly together in my mind, they pull an actual emotion out of me. 

Basically, this is me when the chorus hits.

...and by the end of the song...

Any songs able to pull emotions out of you like this? Tell me in a comment!

Day 5: My #1 Goal in Life

If I'm going to do 365 of these, some of them are going to be pretty short and simple. Some days I will probably just post a song by itself and say what it means to me. This is one of those days. 

Sometime I listen to a song and think to myself, YAASSSS. THIS IS ME.

This is one of those songs. I want to look more like Love. Plain and simple. 

I've had dreams and wanted several big things in life: to go on American Idol, to become a professional basketball player, to start a family, to get married, star in a stupid funny movie, go viral on Vine... to name a few. Some are silly, some are legit. 

But this song really, truly sums up what I want more than anything else in life. I want so badly for people to look at me--whether they know me well or are complete strangers--and recognize Love. 

I've got a lot of work to do still... well, at least Jesus has a lot of work to do in me still. :)

Day 4: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Press play on this song while scrolling down and looking at this picture of Morgan and I. 

Real love at Glacier View Ranch

Real love at Glacier View Ranch

One issue I have with writing songs is getting to a point where I don't have to be so literal. I could never have written this song (Ain't No Mountain...) because I'd say to myself, "But there probably IS a mountain that could keep me from getting to Morgan... I'm a very unprepared, weak hiker!" 

It's very silly. I couldn't ever write a love song that says, "I think about you all day" because I'd feel like a liar! I don't think about Morgan all day... however, I do think about her a lot. Here's what mine would sound like:


 I think about you many times throughout the day.
Sometimes randomly, or cuz you text,
or cuz you call
Sometimes because I need your help
I also think about basketball.


But who would wanna listen to that? 

Day 1: 364 to go.

I feel like I just need to write! So here it goes. I'm gonna write SOMETHING each day for 365 days. I have no clue what each day will be about, but I'll write something. 

If you know me, you know I try this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME. So if you're reading this, and care to bookmark it and make it a part of your daily ready for the next year, leave me a comment saying you expect me to see this through, and I'll put your name down on The List. The List is a list of people I just decided I will pay a dollar to every time I miss a day this year. 

So I guess this first post is just about me posting. I've got a lot to write about that I've been learning. Probably tomorrow I'll tell you about my wife.


I'm married.


Comment! Not only to get on "The List", but to engage. I'm big on making friends, relationships, talking and that kind of thing. 

I think this is going to be challenging for me to see through, but really rewarding.