Day 6: Four weeks of bein' married.

Exactly 4 weeks ago today, Morgan and I made a pretty incredible commitment. I remember driving to the airport for our honeymoon the next day and saying to her, "We're locked in. We decided yesterday to be best friends forever, no matter what. We're gonna be living together when we're 65 years old. You're still gonna have to kiss me when my lips are wrinkly and my breath smells like altoids. You can't back out anymore if I accidentally pass gas in public." 

But as we talked more about it, we realized the weight of the decision, and I think it kind of felt like this:

But then again, we're young, in love, and literally just having a blast. So after 4 weeks, we feel more like we're riding into the future carrying the weight of that decision like this. 

So far, we just love being married. I know I've heard Morgan answer the "How's marriage?!" question about as many times as I've been asked it, and she says the same things as me.

We just love being together! Plain and simple.


Day 3: A Wedding (Preview)

So I just jacked some pictures from social media, and other friends Facebook's because I'm too impatient to wait until we get the professional photos from our amazing photographer. 

Morgan's lil "show-stoppers" were some terrorizing, adorable goofballs. 

Morgan's lil "show-stoppers" were some terrorizing, adorable goofballs. 

I like it. So I put a ring on it. #ThanksBeyonce

I like it. So I put a ring on it. #ThanksBeyonce

This whole weekend was a blur of straight fun with friends and family. I don't think I've stopped smiling since. I also think my nephews at either donuts or cookies for 48 hours straight. If you were a guest and noticed desserts on the plate with bites taken out, its because they thought they wouldn't get in trouble for just taking just a bite out of one (or 4).

When we get more pictures I'll talk more about this day. For now, here's just a snapshot-taste into the highlight of my life so far!