Ice Ice Baby

So today is definitely the first hazardous day of winter in Lincoln, NE. 

I went to the theater with my friends Zack and Daniel to watch the new Star Wars movie: Rogue One (which was pretty sweet by the way!). I went in and all was well (but cold) with the world, and when I exited the theater, I did it like this. 


It was actually nothing like that. More likely like this...


I was actually kind of anxious (in a good way) to drive my car on slippery roads, because I just wanted to see how well the traction control and all wheel drive would do! As I was creeping my way home (average speeds on the main roads dropped from 45 mph to 15 mph because of the ice) I was VERY pleased with how well my car handled, accelerated, and stopped. But I gotta be real with you, other drivers freak me out. 

I'm always nervous something like this could happen to me, even if I am driving safe and slow. 


Growing up in Minnesota, ice is normal. Driving on it is almost as common this time of year as driving on gravel in Missouri (I'm aware this is a radical generalization). I remember my dad telling me once that driving a car with AWD and traction control is almost more dangerous because it makes it more difficult to remember that the roads are bad while you're driving. 

It starts out kinda slippery, kiiiinda shaky, but as you gain traction and pick up speed, you forget you're driving on a hockey rink. It's statistically proven (by my estimates) that most of accidents on ice aren't because drivers are distracted. They happen because drivers forget they need time to slow down. 

Driving on ice reminds me of my relationship with God at times. When life gets rough and big decisions need to be made, I start moving forward cautiously, praying my way through. My grandpa used to say "Go so slow that you catch your mistakes before anyone else does." Then when I start gaining traction and seeing God's hand in my life, I get pumped! The downside is that I stop prayerfully putting each foot in Jesus' footsteps, and start running on ahead of Him. If you don't know what happens when you run on ahead of Jesus, remember it's kind of like sliding in a car:

So, on this icy Friday afternoon I'm reminded to DAILY walk with Jesus, step by step. Life's too slippery to get goin' without Him.