Surrendered = Satisfaction

So the past few months I've definitely been kind of MIA from the whole "TylerMorrisonMusic" thing. Usually, given the pattern of my life, I would be frustrated with myself for jumping into something and then not following through diligently on the tasks that make it successful. However, this time isn't like that. 

The past few months I haven't given up dreams of doing music ministry full time, but I've been working on something super exciting with a team of other like-minded individuals, whose main focus is strictly to serve God to fullest of our abilities. This project has been taking up the majority of the remaining time I have after my job at Union College and wedding preparations (wow that day is coming SO SOON). 

This whole process has been a learning one for me, and the most amazing thing I've learned (repeatedly) is that God's methods are almost always IMPOSSIBLE to predict. The next step with that continuous lesson is the practice of letting go and no trying to predict the next steps! To risk redundancy, there is a simple word that sums this process up:

surrender-default (1).png

I guess, if I could inspire any of you in a particular way with this post, it would be to fight discouragement when you find yourself in a place that is different from where you planned to be. As long as you are responding to the calling that God has put on your life, and working hard to accomplish it, then your desire to serve Him will be satisfied; He wouldn't have it any other way. 

That being said, I can't wait to tell you more about how God has been satisfying my desire to serve Him! :)