Day 4: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Press play on this song while scrolling down and looking at this picture of Morgan and I. 

Real love at Glacier View Ranch

Real love at Glacier View Ranch

One issue I have with writing songs is getting to a point where I don't have to be so literal. I could never have written this song (Ain't No Mountain...) because I'd say to myself, "But there probably IS a mountain that could keep me from getting to Morgan... I'm a very unprepared, weak hiker!" 

It's very silly. I couldn't ever write a love song that says, "I think about you all day" because I'd feel like a liar! I don't think about Morgan all day... however, I do think about her a lot. Here's what mine would sound like:


 I think about you many times throughout the day.
Sometimes randomly, or cuz you text,
or cuz you call
Sometimes because I need your help
I also think about basketball.


But who would wanna listen to that?