Day 27: Sundays

Sundays have become increasingly full of productive expectations that I set for myself. I go into it thinking, I'm going to start out this week getting SO MUCH STUFF done! Rarely do I check every box on my to-do list.

Today, I even got up early to play a game of basketball in the Cornhusker State Games (I played horrible-we got worked, in case you're wondering). Then I went home, did dishes, had a delicious breakfast, (THANKS MORGAN), did dishes again, and got started on my list. The sun was out. For the first time in a week it wasn't 95 degrees out. 

But I was inside, writing addresses on Thank You cards from our wedding gifts.

By the time I finished this first task on my list, I realized everything else on my list was to be done indoors. My whole afternoon would be spent indoors. Also, I was getting tired. I wasn't motivated. But I had stuff to do! But it was so nice out. But I was tired. I needed a break. But there wasn't any time for a break. I only get one Sunday a week! I NEED TO MAXIMIZE. But I'm feeling lethargic and lazy.

Do any of you relate to this inner struggle on Sundays? Any tips to squeezing every last drop out of the productive window that is a Sunday? Please, hook a brother up.