Day 32: End of the Week

I'm very grateful that I work for an institution that allows me to leave work at noon on Fridays. For those of you that have to work a full work-day on Fridays...what I'm about to say may be annoying to you. 

Friday afternoons are too short.

All I want to do is get everything clean, groceries bought, car washed, bills paid, and clothes washed so I can enjoy one day stress free! I pick Saturday because of reasons I'll probably post another day, AND because Sunday is my day to be productive as a mug (read about it here). But alas, there doesn't seem to be enough time. 

Then again, there IS enough time. The problem is that when I'm off work I just want to do this. 

It's like the end of the week can be literally personified as a brick wall; you just hit it and you're done. I gotta say, today I powered through that wall, and I'm SO looking forward to a day of complete stress-free rest and relaxation. Now I'm going to go do that thing on my bed. ^^^^