Day 34+35: Oops

I missed Sunday again. BUT I did get a lot done!

My parents came into Lincoln on their to Omaha for a conference, so we got to spend Saturday night and Sunday morning with them! My dad picked up a sweet, used theater sofa for us in Denver, and we moved it into the basement. Then we had some leftover pasta that Morgan made, some homemade ice cream (which was more like soup), and PEACHES. 

The next morning we went for a bike ride to Panera after having coffee in our little living room, and then my dad decided to help us put some shelves up in our apartment! Morgan helped me clean and reorganize the "theater room" in our basement, and I had a greatly productive music meeting. By the end of the day I was very tired, and COMPLETELY forgot to blog. 

I don't mind, though. It doesn't hurt much that only one person has asked to be on my accountability list, so it only cost me $1 to miss the day; However, the primary reason I don't mind that I messed up my "Year of Blogging" again because I was so busy enjoying my family's company, making a home with my wife, and working on a career I love.

A day spent building a relationship, home, or future is a day never wasted.