Day 42: Stuck in the Middle (not the tv show)

I've been a little frustrated today. I started off the day seeing different posts on Twitter and Instagram basically along the same lines of "YOLO", even though that trend has passed, almost as quickly as I wish it had. Then I scroll down, and I see some disgusting, openly chauvinistic post, or another person who uses their passion in politics as their reason to treat someone hatefully. 

It sounds something like:
"Don't take life too seriously!" "Life is short, live it up!" "Do what makes you happy!" ...or some misguided rant that comes off angry, ignorant, hateful, and probably won't ever change anyone's mind. The former is the most universally accepted, happy-go-lucky approach that most people seem to gravitate towards, while the latter only stirs the pot, thickening the line in the sand that is separating humanity seemingly beyond repair.

My brain is just bouncing between these two polar opposite standpoints, while my own approach to life feels lost somewhere in between. Should I just laugh my way through life, enjoy the time I have, and do whatever it takes to find relaxation, peace, and pleasure? Or should I hop onto a cause and ride it angrily into the sunset, screaming why everyone not riding it with me is hateful and the degradation of our planet? Should I go all '70s on the world, peacing and loving my way to whatever floats my boat? Or do I let everything wrong in the world fuel my bitterness, and channel that bitterness to passionately fight for justice (or whatever it is people are so angry about all the time) until everyone that opposes me is left a heaping pile of ashes behind me? 

If I'm being fair, I doubt anyone sees themselves as being a part of one of these two groups. Rarely do people see themselves as "extremely" anything. All I am seeing is my perception of the world, and that perception is largely framed by what the people I follow on social media posts to their own platforms. I recognize this is a relatively small window I'm looking through. 

All I know is I'm pretty happy with where my focus is. I don't want to do whatever I want to do. I do take my life very seriously. I know that it is my duty to make the world feel more like Heaven, through love, justice, and mercy. I feel as though I have limited time, and each day wasted negatively affects the number of people I can influence with those virtues. I also recognize I can only do so much, and my emotional health needs to be in tip-top shape in order to maximize my opportunities to make a difference. I know there are certain injustices that need to be fought for passionately, but I never want my anger about the mistreatment of one group of people to cause me to mistreat another group of people. 

I recognize this is very "me" focused, but I hope there is a recognizable irony in that as my priorities are hopefully others-centered. These are just the things I believe to be true for myself. This is my framework of values that I build my life around. Days like today I'm grateful for my wife who shares this framework, as if it weren't for her, I'd feel pretty lonely. 

Speaking of which, she's awesome, and marriage is great. Love rocks.