Day 45: Don't "Blair Walsh" This!

Ironically, the thing I've written the least about the past 45 days is probably the thing in my life that dominates the most of my time and energy. I'm surprised when I read those words, because honestly I can talk for hours and hours about Union College and Christian education (and that's probably why I get paid to). 

Today was kind of the last day of "summer" for us in the enrollment office. There are already a bunch of students back from whatever their summer adventure was, but tomorrow truly marks the beginning of a new cycle. All year long I recruit new students, pushing a campus visit, giving tours, talking about finances, and sharing my experiences in hopes that some young kid will relate to them in a way that can help him/her make a decision about college. For the past few months, I've been praying and hoping that enough of them end up deciding to come to Union that we can actually grow (which is unusual in Adventist higher education right now). 

Now, we get to see the fruits of all our labors! It is pretty stressful. In fact, I'll compare it to being a kicker in the NFL. You practice, warm up, stretch, and maybe kick a few extra points or field goals, but then all of a sudden the game is on the line, and everything depends on you. Check out how dramatic the difference is between making the kick and pullin' a Blair Walsh:

Needless to say, I'm praying for a game winner at Union College. I know I will write again sometime about the various reasons I will support Union and Adventist higher education 'til I die, but in the meantime just know that the college deserves a win and I hope that our enrollment team can give it to them.