11/8/17 : Perspective

A few days ago a Baptist church was gunned down in Texas. I haven't spent much time reflecting on that; why it happened, how the families of the victims must feel, or even how to help. The main reason I haven't had much time is because I've been busy-- busy working, traveling, watching Netflix, watching the NBA, reading, or talking to my wife on the phone. 

Pretty lame excuses. 

While watching the NBA I came across this video:

I've reflected back to that statement a few times over the past few days. I typically just love to have fun, but the takeaway for me is that sometimes I just need to have some real conversations with people in order to keep my mind in tune with the things that matter. I need to make sure my perspective is always being widened beyond just what entertains me. 

Let's pray for the families of these victims over the next few weeks as that is when the shock will begin to wear off. They will need some comfort and peace more than ever.