10/4/17 : The Minnesota Lynx

Most of my life I have felt like I cheer for a state that is cursed. My earliest sports memory was watching this play, in my cousin's house in Hutchinson, MN:

First miss in 123 attempts, and then we lost. Ever since then its just been a bunch of losing. In fact, I've said many times, "The state of MN has never, and WILL never win anything. We are cursed", to which I've been corrected. A few times a friend has reminded me... Our WNBA team has won a couple championships...

I am ashamed to say that it brought me no consolation. I would openly say, "That doesn't count." 

That will never happen again. The Lynx won their 3rd championship in 5 years in 2015, and then last year they lost a heartbreaker at home to the LA Sparks in Game 5. Throughout all this last season I've been tip-toeing the line of being a real fan or just a casual claimer, while they've been fighting for a chance at redemption. 

They got it tonight. 

Its the first WNBA game I've sat down and just watched all the way through, and I was thoroughly entertained. Lindsey Whalen (a native of my hometown Hutchinson, MN), Maya Moore (the WNBA's Kobe Bryant), Simeone Augustus and Sylvia Fowles (this season's MVP) are so fun to watch! Candace Parker is basically the LeBron James of the LA Sparks and they played hard the whole game. 

But MN won.

LA closed the gap to 3 with just 20 seconds remaining and clearly had momentum when Maya "Mo-Money" Moore hit a double clutch runner across the freethrow line. I lost my mind a little bit. 

If you're a hater on the WNBA, then you stupit for that. I'm all in. Lynx are my ladies, and I may be too late to fully appreciate the dynasty they built in their long careers. 

But it feels good to cheer for a winner for once. :)