food for thought

Day 21: Mawwiage (2)

So Morgan and I have been married a little over a month now, and we still love it. The "honeymoon phase" is still goin' strong, and I want to treat Morgan amazing every day. It's not that we haven't had any spats, or argued pointlessly about something silly, or even just annoyed each other a little bit (I can annoy anyone, soooo....). But overall, every single night I'm happy to crawl into bed with her, and I know she's happy to wake up next to me. 

My question that I've been mulling over this evening is this: Is it possible to treat each other with so much love and respect that we always love being married to each other this much? 

Please answer in the comments, whether you're single or married for 35 years. I'm truly interested in everyone's thoughts on the subject!