Day 2: Like, we're alike, but we're, like, different though, ya know?

I love people. I love studying them, interacting with them, learning how their minds work, and befriending them. As a result I naturally love personality-type studies like Meyers-Briggs (MBTI) and Gallup's Strengths Quest series. 

A few years ago Morgan and I sat together in a Creative Leadership class at Union College. We took the Meyers Briggs strengths test which tells you your top 5 strengths (out of 34). The chances of having 4/5 matching strengths with someone else is something like a zillion:1, and yet, Morgan and I had 4/5 almost in the same order. 

1. Woo
2. Positivity
3. Communicator
4. Includer
5. Belief

1. Positivity
2. Empathy
3. Includer
4. Woo
5. Belief
(Or something like that)

Basically, its crazy rare how alike our strengths are. They say opposites attract but in our case it was looking more like the opposite was true. I remember that in those early months everyone thought our personalities were spitting images of each other. Shoot, I thought we were pretty darn similar too. 

Now, after 3 weeks of marriage and 4 years of dating, I can tell you we are VERY different. She likes to squeeze toothpaste with a fist and leave the cap off, I press up from the bottom. She hates lists because they stress her out, while I can't get anything done without one. She can watch the same episode of Grey's Anatomy 5 times and cry every time at the same scene, whereas I've never cried tears of joy or because something was "beautiful".

So, I've learned a lesson. No matter what you know of someone's personality, or how accurately you are able to sum someone up after a first impression, you are only getting a keyhole view of who they really are. We are all so intricately designed and uniquely complex, so take time to get to know those around you. Remove the labels, boxes, and stereotypes. 

Love and listen.